Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to buy glasses that look expensive, but come cheap

What are you usually looking for when you decide to buy new frames for your eyes?
If you are someone like me (and I proudly declare myself as the average customer) you first look for quality, second for design, third you try to find something that includes both, but that is as cheap as possible.
Usually quality doesn't really go with cheap, unless it is either out of fashion or something nobody wants to buy ( and if nobody wants it, there must be a reason...)
Zenni eyeglasses are good quality, modern design, and are actually very cheap.
As cheap as $8!
I know what many would think: if they are cheap in price, they are also "cheap".
I think this time you are wrong.
The main reason why they are cheap is because there is no middleman involved, they come directly from the factory.
And the way to get them is the Internet, which is at no cost for both.
No shop, no seller, no display.
But a huge selection at the right price.
And you do not need to tell anybody that they are just $8!
I myself use this kind of glasses, and I never tell their price.
I let the "others" believe they are expensive ones, bought in a fancy shop.
But where is the catch?
Surely there is no service.
Wrong also in this.
The saving is ON THE PRICE, not ON THE SERVICE.
Do you want to see what I wear?

They are nice and comfortable and look much more than the $19 I paid!

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