Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Jessica Lange has to dispose of her dead husband's ashes and wants to fulfil his will to spread them on the places they were together.
But it is either to bring the ashes to her husband's daughter or to lose the house she lives in.
Thus the trip to Santa Barbara to deliver them to his daughter.
This trip is the chance to see how beautiful America is.
Huge mountains, deserts, lakes, beaches.
You see it all. A new romance begins for her friend and the third one wins a big sum of money in Las Vegas.
She (Jessica Lange) ends up without any more ashes to bring to the daughter and her friend has the idea to collect some embers from the beach they were sleeping the last night before Santa Barbara.
As usual a terrible accident happens: the urn falls and all ashes are scattered on the floor revealing an unexpected beer top...
Arvilla doesn't own a house anymore, but still has a place in her friends' heart and home...
Nice movie, where the feelings are worth more than anything.
Ashes go back to ashes…
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