Friday, October 17, 2008

The Future of our Nation IS our Future

"If you do get the opportunity to live for a while with no mortgage payment, don't make the tragic mistake of using your extra cash to pay down your credit cards. As the growing level of credit card defaults will soon push credit card companies into bankruptcy, we can expect a similar bailout plan for American Express and Discover Financial. When that happens, expect massive balance reductions for Americans who can demonstrate the inability to pay. The bigger your balance, the greater the benefit."

In a few words I see the end of a Nation.
One could just say: Think of yourself, just as many did, do and will do.
You will have a house for free, a new TV set, your debts wiped out.
But you will lose your job, your future and condemn yourself to somebody with no future in a nation with no future.
The money you are spending is also YOUR money.
Certainly not Mr. Bush's money.
One of the first things they taught me in the elementary school was that wasting the country's money is wasting MY money.
Wasting the country's future is wasting MY future.
The future of a Nation is provided by its citizens.
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