Friday, October 17, 2008

The Visitor

This is one of the movies I like.
It actually draws the side effects of what happens in today's society.
"In a world of six billion people it only takes one to change your life".
In an era which they define as "communication era" people were never so loneley.
And loneliness can be overcome in many ways.
One of them could be playing the African drum with a Syrian man.
This leads a teacher who has lost his passion for teaching, working, living, to an unexpected situation and love.
But once again life divides what bounded: he is an American, not welcome in Syria.
She is Syrian not welcome in America.
And most important she is a mother who has to rescue her son and HAS to be with him in Syria.
In a global world, you are not allowed to be where you heart would bring you.
Life is mostly this: a long series of Good byes to the dead ones and to the living ones.
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