Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When technology meets old age...

My mother used to be a very strong and active woman.
She also liked to live by herself and didn't like to have, as she said "anybody around".
But when she reached eighty it was clear that living alone wasn't so safe anymore.
Nevertheless she, as stubborn as just an eighty years old can be, insisted on living by herself.
She eventually agreed (just to please me...) to take advantage of some modern Medical Alert.
Now a days they are much better than what they used to be.
It is n0t just a button to press and call for help.
They have something which goes under the name of panic button which has a kind of fall detector.
The System can sense the accident of somebody falling and calls for help without the need for the injured person to press the button.
This is very important, because old people fall without realizing they do and may be are not able to do anything afterwards.
But there are also other gadgets that can be very useful for people with Alzheimer, or just old people who fear to get lost.
It is a GPS tracking bracelet which can be very helpful in the worst situation...
A Medical Alert is like having somebody with you day and night, without actually having anybody!
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