Friday, February 06, 2009

About Piracy

"Media companies say that piracy — some prefer to call it “digital theft” to emphasize the criminal nature of the act — is an increasingly mainstream pursuit."

“Young people, in particular, conclude that if it’s so easy, it can’t be wrong,”
I do not think this is what they think.
If in real life Paul rents or buys a DVD and then lets his friend John look at it and eventually John has some friends with him and all together watch "in John’s Home" the same movie, well that is normal and allowed.
If Paul’s friend John lives in California, while Paul is in NY, the movie travels on the Internet "physically" instead of travelling "physically" in Paul’s pocket and the result is the same.

I am talking about result, not way.
Law usually punishes the results, not the intention of.
If I kill somebody physically or I pay somebody to do the job, for the law I am guilty the same.
So, if I am innocent lending the physical DVD to John, I am innocent the same lending him a "virtual copy" because the result is the same: Hollywood is paid for one DVD, just like in the murder case the result is the same: the man is dead.

This is a complicated thought, but what the mind can do to justify what we like to do!

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