Monday, February 02, 2009

Some good tips on how to, on the woman´s point of view

If certain coward guys would know how much girls want to meet them, they wouldn´t be so coward...
Here are some tips:

1) Don´t be too scared.
If one says no, go on asking someone else.
Statistic say that sooner or later one will say yes.
Sometimes it is a matter of the right moment and the right time. The more you try, the better chances you have.
And, besides, practise can make you a lot better...

2) Try to show your best.
Marketing works, especially among humans (and especially among girls)

3) Believe in what you do and what you are.
If you believe in yourself, you have good chances the others will believe in you.

4) Are you looking for a special type of girl? Ask yourself where it is most likely to find her, to meet her and begin to be in the right place and at the right time.
You will enormously increase your chance...

5) Are you shy? It is enough to smile and show you are willing to begin a conversation.
Give her the chance...most women like to believe they choose...

6) Do not ask directly her number, but enough to guess it and find her again.
Let it be destiny or chance to meet her a second time.
Girls like to think it is in their destiny to meet and have a relationship with that guy.

7) And if all your troubles were for nothing, there is always another chance...may be a better one.
Remember: life is always unpredictable.

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