Monday, February 09, 2009

How much America has to change?

"All the old mechanisms that enabled our way of life are broken, especially endless revolving credit, at every level, from household to business to the banks to the US Treasury."JHK

The problem is not the easy credit, the problem is the stupid spending.
When you borrow money to begin a business, something that sooner or later will produce revenues and jobs, the credit is essential.
How many entrepreneurs had the chance to develop great ideas thanks to credit?
But life evolves and things change.
What was good and profitable yesterday may not be tomorrow.
That is why Banks and Financial Institutions should be ruled by intelligent people, people who can see what the future will be, where the good money goes and not only looking at what percentage will be the ir own revenue.
It is not the system that has to change, it is the people.
We wasted a lot of time developing a society based on never-ending supply of cheap energy.
The never-ending proved to be fast ending and the society has to change in base of this.
That doesn’t mean that we go back 100 years.
It means that we have to fill in a few years the gap that we ourselves created in the illusion that oil could work for us.
The easy jobs are a thing of the past, as it is something of the past the thought that somebody can create a fortune just moving money.

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