Monday, February 09, 2009

The smart shopper

Or the many ways you should avoid making a purchase they push you to do.
Marketing has never been so psychological.
These are the ways they brainwash you:

1)Return a favor.
That is the trick they use in Tupperware-party .
You are among friends and you "feel" obliged to buy...

2)Buy now.
I love Flea Markets. And they are great because you can make wonderful deals.
On one condition: that you buy what you do not need.
I always bring with me a list of what I have to buy and come home with something else.
But that something else what such a good bargain I couldn’t resist.
The end of the story: I have the house full of precious things I do not need and I do not use.
I am sure one day or another they will finish on a Flea Market, where they came from...

3) Special offers.
It´s kind of similar to flea market.
You buy a product at a special price, you like it and if you want to buy it again it is much more expensive.
Or you buy something just because it is so cheap you cannot miss the bargain...

4) The more you buy, the less it costs.
But then, either you finish eating too much or throwing away the surplus...

Well, I think it is almost useless to write this.
I myself will go on with special offers and flea market, nothing will deprive the joy of thinking I was so "smart" to do such a "great bargain".
This satisfaction is worth more than what any money could pay...

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