Wednesday, February 04, 2009

You should never spit in the soup you eat

And especially in the one that comes for free...
Well I really do not understand idiocy.
A little bit of it is quite normal (who hasn’t done idiocies at least once in his life?), but persisting, that is what we say "diabolic"...
I come to the point.
American car companies have done for years the stupidest mistake and that was building very powerful engines and then pulling them down electronically.
The automakers have been fighting California and other states in court for several years. Last week, they pledged to continue that fight - despite the president's instructions and, to a larger extent, his consistent and unequivocal insistence on a “green” auto industry.
“The irony here is the auto companies want a bailout, in many ways because they weren’t building the kind of cars that were compatible with today’s energy market – and at the same time, they want to keep going with their lawsuits, which have already cost millions and millions of dollars.”

I fail to understand the profit of doing so, I mean, if you want to sell (and selling is the only way to have a profitable business) you have to deliver what people want...
Gone are the days when the industry could deny climate change and break promises to voluntarily cut emissions.
But, as usual, Gods do not see that something can change.
When you are used to rule, you do not understand that the World is not the same anymore.

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