Friday, February 06, 2009

The Broghammers go to the "Grundbuchamt"

After one full morning and a few kilometers walk around Quedlinburg, Mr. Broghammer could walk home embracing a thick bundle of documents regarding our new home.
Now we know in details how many millimeters is our court wide and, more than anything, we know what to tell our neighbors.
They will come to put brand new and very visible sticks on the border of our property and close to them there will be big signs "No Trespassing" obviously in German, which I still do not know.
No German soul that doesn’t belong to Schmale Strasse 13 will be allowed to put a foot on the up mentioned land, not even dogs, especially not dogs.
And Mr. Broghammer will take care of that...
No more broken bottles or empty firecrackers cartoons, no cigarette, nothing.
That for the sake of the German Broghammer´s land.

It can be quite difficult to understand to a novice, but I will try to write when and where all this began.
Mr. Broghammer, when living in Italy, had the chance to point out how much different Germany was from Italy.
No disposal of bottles and rest of cigarettes on the road, no trespassing of borders from neighbors, everything looked so spiky and span in his country.
When the Broghammers decided to move to Germany "You will see the difference".
The fact was that Mrs Broghammer didn´t see that much difference in Schmale Strasse.
On the contrary, coming soon after the beginning of the year, Schmale Strasse 13 and the garden looked very unkempt and very dirty.
Broken bottles, every kind of garbage on the road, and...the neighbors car in our court!

I didn’t complain too much, I even enjoyed having the visit of some friendly dogs in our land, but for Mr. Broghammer that is really too much.
Finishing to teach lessons to the Italians, he has to begin with his own home land.

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