Monday, February 02, 2009


Lampedusa is a picturesque Italian island near Sicily.
It used to be a sought of touristic place, but not anymore.
Now there are more than 1800 "clandestini" from North Africa in a building that could at maximum host 500.
The good thing is that everyday around 500 manage to escape.
The bad thing is that everyday another 500 arrive from Libya.

Nobody wants them.
The Italian left party tried to make them useful proposing to give them the right to vote.
If they are not worth as humans, at least could be worth as numbers.
But the right party didn’t agree (they would have increased the number of the left voters)
The Vatican doesn’t want them, first because they are Muslims and besides, even if they converted to Catholicism, they would be so poor that would count as loss more than revenue.
The Italian people do not want them, because they steal their jobs.
They are willing to work "in black" and for much less than the average Italian worker would.
The only ones who welcome them are the Mafia and the top criminals.
They are willing to break the law for a ridiculous amount of money, they have no paper and, more than anything, they have no choice.
That is the fastest way to build a strong army of criminals at a very low cost.

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