Friday, August 17, 2007

How NOT to Become an Authority Blogger

What can you make yourself an authority on? What could you stand up, today, and speak confidently on? If your topic isn’t the everyday like Seinfeld’s is, then what is it? Copyblogger

I think that the best way to be an authority is to be no authority at all.
I am good in nothing , but I am good in saying it.
And that makes people liking to listen to me.
I just say: I am exactly like you, may be slightly or even a lot worse, but I do not care that much.
I am me and you are you.
This world needs stupid’s as well as geniuses.
The genius wouldn't be a genius if there were no stupids.
If all people were the same then geniuses would be just normal people.
And the real entertaining guy is not an authority, he is just somebody who looks what people see.
And tells them what he sees.
The laughing side of everyday life.
Humor is mostly in the beholder's eyes.
You are born a comic as much as you are born a not comic.
I do not think that is something you learn.
You can learn to see, you can learn to talk, you can learn to write.
But being able to say, to write, to see the right thing at the right moment, that is something you cannot learn.
What you can learn is to say: look I am this way, and I can be this way, and I am happy to be this way.
May be you can find an audience.
In a world where everybody wants to be the best, being able to be what you are and being happy to say it, makes you something quite different and may be interesting.

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