Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Journalism Thoof Style

Do you know how to write?
Do you have some nice and interesting stories to write about?
In a few words: do you have weapons of "mass distraction"?
You have to go to the right place.
Is it worth writing for yourself or for the few that accidentally finish in your blog?
There is a website you should visit, where you can find personalized news and you can also submit yours.
They are hungry for Scoops. You do not need to get it first, you need to get it right.
And if you get it first and get it right, well you can be sure you'll reach that fame you are looking for.
They say the Media are loosing their way, I say the Media is changing actors.
Journalism is not anymore something belonging to a restricted number of journalists, or newspapers.
The Media world has spread to cover all the aspects of entertainment and the means to broadcast it.
The dawn of a new era for media was brought by the Internet, where the reader can be the publisher and the director can be actor and producer.
The news is not any more just "information" the news is entertainment and the one who is able to entertain the reader IS the winner.
It doesn't matter who he is or what he does. It matters how he writes, and how able he is to promote his writing.
It is in this view that website like are important.
Because they can give on one side the latest stories to an interested reader and on the other side the right space and exposure to the one who writes.
It's the new model of Newspaper on the Internet.
The newspaper written by users, the newspaper people want to read.

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