Friday, August 24, 2007

The answer is yes or no depending on how you like it

Would you like to have a brand new, shining garage?
With a garage floor tile?
I would, infact I have it.
Because I am a "clean fanatic" and there is nothing better than a tile floor to keep clean.
Especially when the tiles are made of environmentally friendly recyclable and UV stabilized polyproylene, when they have superior rollover strength, are able to support heavy vehicles, oil resistant, and impervious to gas and all automotive chemicals, when they are non slip, skid resistant interlocking garage flooring that is easy to clean and creates an excellent look to your garage.
That is all what Garage Flooring is offering.
My personal taste is for black and white tiles.
They would perfectly match a red Ferrari.
It is true, I do not own a Ferrari yet, but you have to begin somewhere, don't you?

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