Friday, August 17, 2007

Yellow ties

Sometimes I feel like to be haunted by colors.
They follow me, they fill my eyes, my computer's screen, my thoughts.
My ideas are red and yellow and blue and black.
Paul Klee said: Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.
I do not know how right he was, but I couldn't live without colors.
And also without wearing colored clothes.
Colors following moods.
Would you wear yellow ties?
I guess any color could be the right one, providing you know how to wear it.
Yellow is one of the nicest colors in my opinion.
It is second only to red.
And it goes perfectly with navy blue or brown.
I wouldn't wear it with grey.
Unless it is a kind of ocra yellow.

Where do you find all the best tips of how and what and when and why of fashion?
At The Divas Dreams you can find interesting suggestions about colors, which colors go with what and in which season.
I personally do not think colors are chained to any special season or any special person, I think they are more a matter of personal taste.
But one thing is sure, when it comes to extravagant ones if you do not want to look funny you have to chose quality.
Quality gives that special touch of class that allows you to wear the more extravagant ties' colors and still look smart.
Yellow ties are right if they are of the finest silk, the one for example Mr. Belisi uses for his ties.
Anyway, when you decide which colour is going to be your tie, keep this in mind:
Color is a power which directly influences the soul.

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