Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blogs about things and their directory

What is more important, blogs or things?
Blogs about things.
Blogs are subversive and can come in various guises.
Lethal blogs can seize control of the mind.
Once read they block off potential alternatives and masquerade as the only viable solution.
Promiscuous blogs are always auditioning, they never give up.
Fertile blogs are the kind which take roots and spread seeds.
Blogs create new ways of thinking.
Blogs with big ideas are concepts.
Concepts tie thoughts together and provide a common point of reference.
But where do you find blogs?
Of course in a blog directory.
Brilliant blogs, like truffles, are rare and only possible given special conditions.
That is why in the Blog Directory you can find Top Hits.
You click and you can find all the best displayed on a few lines.
I like Blog Directories.
They connect me to the world of blogs where I get Inspiration for my own blog, where I can fulfill my curiosity, where I can spend my spare time having a good time.
Blogs are important to me, as they are to many others, even if they do not know it yet.
Blogs are the new way of communicating.

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