Saturday, August 18, 2007

Technology fear

There is one thing that continues to rear its misinformed head at me no matter where I seem to work, and that is fear of technology for fear’s sake. its Intriguing to me because a lot of the times, Companies are aware of technologies that could potentially make them more money, but also, I’ve run across others who don’t understand or properly comprehend the technologies enough around them to realize the benefits, but they turn a deaf ear to it.


Business has always been busy trying to wed creativity to commerce.
Unfortunately the very nature of business tends to stifle creativity as the very competition it fosters establishes one of the biggest blocks: the fear of making a mistake.

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Anonymous said...

yeah technology can definitely be your best friend or worst enemy. Iv'e stumbled upon voip calling and it has helped me alot. I use GRN and it has changed the way i make phone calls. Other technologies seem to not help out it seems, like cable tv that just takes up our time.