Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Social Web

Today, is it feasible to live ethical, meaningful lives in the context of the Social Web?
Trebor Scholz

Individuals have character and so do groups of people.
Both have structure, form, features, behaviour and personality.
Groups which evolve a shared culture acquire a corporate identity.
Political, social and religious authorities have always understood the purpose and need for such trappings, but commercial organizations were rather late to embrace the notion of corporate identity.

The Social Web can be seen as a mixture of "corporations" which group people with similar identities.
Ethical, meaninful has nothing to do with the Web.
It has everything to do with the people.
The Web is just the "mean" the "place" to evolve "corporations". The people who belong to them make them "ethical, meaningful".
In this way, the Web is just the virtual world mirroring the real one.
You cannot be better or worse just because you belong or happen to be in the virtual world.

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