Sunday, March 28, 2010

China, China

Yesterday I went to Berlin, to my favorite flea market.
Not that I needed anything new, thanks to eBay and the various flea markets my wardrobes are so full I do not know where to put anything.
Nevertheless I found a luggage I couldn’t resist.
Also because it came for 10 Euros.
Once home I looked at it and found out the zipper was broken.
No problem says my husband.
I am going to fix it.
He spent a few hours, managed to break it even a little bit more and said: sorry, nothing to do.
We have to say that it is one of those new things that look epensive, are expensive, but have cheap features.
So that you should buy a new one every two or three trips.
I tried to go a little bit further and in doing so I managed to hurt my finger.
I had to use a plaster which needed a piece of tape to keep close, since the glue didn´t work.
We are surrounded of cheap stuff that works for a few days.

Nevertheless now the zipper is working ( I used a part of another one from another luggage).
It is a really nice looking piece of luggage; it certainly looks much more expensive of what I paid.
Once in a while it is good that things break easily, otherwise, how could I find an expensive luggage for 10 Euros?

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