Friday, March 26, 2010


Every year I feel like it won’t happen, this time we will have Winter forever.
And then, one morning you wake up and the sky is of that special blue, the air is thin and caressing, the birds are singing, the trees have very small leaves and the tulips, crocuses hyacinths are coming out.
The next day they are a little bit bigger and the new grass is coming.
It’s time, Patrizia.
I get up very early, when most people still sleep and the first rays of sun are warming the first lucky plants.
I clean, bring away leaves, dig and plant.
Then I water and wait...
How different would be if people, all people, could be so lucky to live close to nature, to be able to walk with bare feet on the grass, to sit under a tree and just looking around.
What and immense microcosm lives and we never see it.
Verms, bees, flies, ants.
They are all so busy and so happy.
The miracle has happened again, lucky the ones who see it!

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Freda said...

I really don't like the winter season it sometimes make me so sick but yet in summers I wish for it!