Friday, March 05, 2010

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."

For the past ten years, the web has been filled with static content, the offline model equivalent of this structure is a yellow pages or encyclopedia.
Now the web is becoming dynamic and ever changing.
So traditional search relevance is turned upside-down.
Relevance of content isn´t just about how popular it is, it is about timeliness. The offline model equivalent is a newspaper.
This will transform the way that all information is created and delivered.
The basic idea is to go beyond the "mere" blog, it is connecting more and more blogs, creating a "river" of informations, of news, of ideas.
People want to contribute the content and to share it.
Let people — no, encourage — people to remix your stuff.
They’re doing it anyway. They’re taking a paragraph from here and a quote from there — or video from here and audio from there — to tell the story from their perspective.
Stop thinking of that as theft and start thinking of it as a compliment.
If you’re not being remixed, you’re not part of the conversation.
And the conversation is the platform of the today. Look at it as the way to create great things.
Your blog could become a huge platform for new ideas.
Enable people to use you to make connections to people and information.
Create networked reporting tools that let the people join together.


With SmallRivers a tool for bloggers to network content and audiences
What is it exactly?
SmallRivers is the way to connect your blog to similar ones, so that your readers do not need to search the Net to find what they like to read...
In simple words it is a tool that allows you to "network" content, without even searching for blogrolls or linking pages.
It works this way: you grab a ‘sticker’ from the SmallRivers website and then paste it on your own blog.
This will follow the same concept and everybody and everything which has a connection to this sticker will be interconnected.
You just click on it and you will see a window with all the pages where you can find the content you are interested in...As easy as that...
Let your ideas flow in a never ending river of communication.
Communication is the foundation of society and business.
When you communicate, you change the world

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