Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No more cars, please

"$1 billion invested in intercity rail and urban transit in U.S. and European cities can support twice the number of jobs gained from investing the same resources in highway infrastructure. In a world of rising oil prices, public transportation will also be a much less expensive option for traveling through the city, especially for poorer residents."

"Mention “clean tech” or “green jobs,” and many people will automatically assume you are referring to wind turbine manufacturers, solar installers, and the like. But another dimension of a greener economy has long been neglected: the transportation sector, and specifically the role of rail and urban transit."
"Now, in the midst of a deep economic crisis, public investment in intercity rail and urban transit is seen as a way to kickstart languishing economies, and to create jobs in both manufacturing and operating public transportation systems."

The great rail race of the 21st century is on.

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Car donation said...

In US $1 billion is invested in intercity rail and urban transit. Since the price of oil is raising it is a good option for residents who are not much rich.