Friday, March 19, 2010

A new way to deliver ads and good revenue for bloggers

What exactly IS blogging?

It's one person's voice -- one author's journal of original ideas, brief commentary on news, technology, law, politics, whatever.

It's a journal for anyone who wants to devote the time and energy.  Some authors spend hours a day preparing their postings.  Costs are virtually nil, thanks to the Net.

The successful ones are read daily by thousands of folks, many influential, including leading reporters in the mainstream media.

Often you read articles in The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal where the story idea clearly came from a blog.

Postings can be frequent -- maybe daily, maybe more, with an archive of past issues.

The technology of blogging is fundamentally pretty simple. You've got tools that free the author from thinking about layout or HTML codes while posting his or her daily bleat.  You've got RSS to syndicate the content.  And Google to search across them all and find out what the buzz is.

So, besides writing for writing, why not making some cash out of it?

Everybody does. With ads, articles, suggestions...

Isn't it a case of "you can't believe everything you see and hear”, regardless of whether someone actually discloses their influences?

The more your blog is ranked the more you can get.

And of course the more posts you write, the more you earn.

Since blogging became alluring for advertisers it meant the dawn of a new kind of Internet's companies: the "Buzz providers".

They have the task to look for advertisers on one side and for bloggers on the other.

One of them ( and my favorite) is ebuzzing

where you can, broadcasting videos and creating content for brands, make some money.

You can make Video Campaigns with a dedicated player:


Or Video Campaigns using banners


or Article Campaigns

More than 800 advertisers have proposed campaigns to bloggers with the help of ebuzzing such as Coca-Cola, Intel, MTV, LʼOréal, MasterCard, Toyota, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, eBay, Canon, Diesel, Warner Bros, Philips, StudioCanal…

You have to follow certain ethic rules like the presence of the disclaimer “sponsored post” for all articles, all links within the articles are « no follow » links.

But you can talk about what you like, tell your personal opinion and even set your own price per article.

This post is written to announce the lauch of ebuzzing in the UK and to invite other bloggers to read: Why you should join ebuzzing , where of course it is  explained why joining ebuzzing can be an interesting experience (besides bringing money).

Try and you will find out it is easy to register on, the best way to monetise your blog.

"Who seeds a post harvests some cash" this is my philosophy, why couldn´t it be yours too?

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