Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The best bargain

Once I was a fan of eBay .
I used to spend hours just browsing in search of good bargains.
And I found a lot of them.
I got merchandise for nothing.
Too bad it was ALWAYS something I didn’t really need.
I bought wonderful clothes for a ridiculous price, but I never wore them.
Because they were not my style or something I didn’t need.
Well, on eBay you can be lucky and pay nothing, but on the things nobody wants.
On the contrary when I wanted to buy a scanner I bought two for a very cheap price, but here they are, I can't use drivers are available, the stepping motor doesn't work, the light is not OK…
Now I understand why they sold them for a cheap price. Why would anyone want to sell a "good" scanner for a ridiculously good price?
Or a computer, or a monitor?
Either you buy things that are obsolete (and you cannot use because there are no drivers available) or you better look somewhere else.
Then I found Wikio Shopping, which is a website where you have a list of all available offers of what you are looking for and, what I love, price comparison which is very important.

With Wikio Shopping, you can research any product you are looking for, and not only find a price comparison, but also get user reviews, see photos, videos, and ratings of the product.

I was, for example, looking for monitors.

I had the following window:


Then I clicked on the first and found:


where the price of the same monitor was different in different websites.

I also found the shipping costs and all the other details that could allow me to make the right choice.

And this is just a simple example of the huge selection of choices you can find shopping on Wikio.

The advantages?

I can compare quality with price and decide to buy what I really need.
It is true the prices can eventually be higher than on eBay ( but sometimes they can be even cheaper…), but believe me, the best bargain is to buy what you need at the lowest possible price.
Sometimes the "1 Euro" bargain IS NOT a bargain.

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