Monday, March 29, 2010

The choice

I am always been a liberal, whatever that means.
But I guess the real reason of this economic/financial crisis is the globalization.
Not that globalization is wrong, it is right and it is what a modern society should aim to.
But when the western economical world has to fight with weapons that won’t allow it not only to win, at least to survive, against emerging economies that have everything on their side: low job cost, low living cost, low taxes, people who are willing to work 20 hours a day, including Saturday and the many holidays we count.
Here it is Easter time, Carnival has just finished and the Winter holidays were not so long ago.
Soon it will be Summer time.
It is not just the Holy days, but the days that come before and the days that come after.
How can the western world be competitive?
You can produce quality goods, but when quality is so expensive that the average consumer cannot afford it, it is not so competitive.
Now it is China, soon it will be Africa, South America.
We have two choices: capitulate, reduce our lifestyle, work more, pay less taxes (and having less services)or having a closed economy, where we consume ONLY what is produced here. Also in this way the lifestyle won’t be the same.
We won’t be able to afford ALL what we can now, but we will have jobs again, and factories and shops and everything we had BEFORE.

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