Monday, May 28, 2007

VoIP: the right business in the wrong hands

Remember: VoIP the Zero billion Euros business?

Sometimes offering the right thing in the wrong way, can produce unsuccessful results.

That is going to happen if the companies who deliver it do not understand the real customers' needs and the power of this new technology.

They have the wrong approach to it.
They see VoIP as a cheap replacement of the actual telephone service.
They hope in the blooming business of offering something similar for less.
Usually the cheap product means a widespread market.
But it is hardly like that in the specific case of VoIP.
The expensive parts of the telephone service are the international and intercontinental calls.
But those are not usually the need of the mass; the usual people mostly call locally.
This is even more valid for a country like Europe, which is not even a Union like the USA, since its many languages and nations.
We are still not a real Union.

The users of international and intercontinental calls are usually companies, but for them quality and services are still more important than cost in itself.
If VoIP fails to provide what the actual telephone service does, then most of them will just use it as a second line, the "cheap one".

But VoIP in its own nature is something that not only can offer a very cheap alternative in the case of telephony, but a huge number of services that the usual telephony lines cannot.
That is because its particular structure, see :

and the fact that we have a "stupid line" and "smart devices" at both ends.

Using VoIP is using a computer directly connected to a phone line, that acts as a computer and a communication center in the same time.
You do not have to dial numbers, you just click on a name on your outlook list and you are immediately connected. You can have conference calls, you can send pictures, you can have video conferences you can do all what your computer can do.

This is the Power of VoIP
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