Friday, May 25, 2007

I am not as old as I used to be

The turning point of my life happened at 54.
It was quite late, but it came.
I finally was in the critical, dreaded state all women are supposed to hate: I was in Menopause.
But the funny thing is that I didn't feel all what I was supposed to feel.
I wasn't suddenly an old woman.
I just felt like the month before, with a burden less: I didn't have to care for period anymore.
Hot flashes and night sweats, joint pain, insomnia, headaches...they all came gradually later and I had to cope with them.
What I dreaded more was that I gained weight.
And it is so difficult to loose it. Almost impossible. You see your body change and you see your clothes not fitting anymore.
You suddenly see an old woman in the mirror and you cannot believe that is you.
You get depressed and depression makes everything worse.
You do not feel like to...for many things, and you get worse and worse.
But living with menopause symptoms is something every woman can do, it is something every woman should learn to.
And, as it happened to me, one day you realize you are not as old as you used to be.
If you reached that age and you think that menopause is a problem for you, there is a website that can help you.
Menopause A to Z is where you can find all the explanations, all the answers.
You can talk and discuss about what is happening to you and find out it is not an illness, it is something that you have to learn to live with, if possible with the help of natural remedies and help from other who lived it before you.
It is just the next step of your life and, yes, you will feel much younger than what you felt before.

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