Saturday, May 12, 2007

Investing in education the right way

While the states get poorer for insane wasting of resources and taxes, the condition of the citizens gets worse day by day.
The absurdity is that paying more taxes means getting less and worse services.
Because the political class is too old and too ignorant.
Ignorant in the sense that ignores the reality of their country and tends to sleep on the status quo.
If the politicians just spent 1/100th of their time surfing the web, not only they would realize that the world has changed, but they would get much better ideas how to rule their country and how to spend the money at their disposal.
One clear example being education.
While wasting enormous sums of money in new schools and new tools that soon get obsolete and anyway the majority of teachers cannot properly use, they should invest more in broadband, computers, elearning.
Special school transmissions, blogs, videos.
Those are the new means of communication, and communication is exchanging ideas, and exchanging ideas is the best way to learn.
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