Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The world goes to town

After this year the majority of people will live in cities. Human history will ever more emphatically become urban history, says John Grimond.

I think exactly the opposite.
I talk about the Future and not the future.

After the Industrial Revolution we saw people abandoning the country and coming to live in the city because there they found a job and the way of survival, an income that the country couldn't provide anymore.
The Industrial Revolution was also the Society Revolution.
From an agricultural society the world became an industrial oriented community where people produced and consumed industrial products made by machines.

But with the Internet Revolution I think we will see the opposite migration.
No need to do certain jobs IN THE CITIES.
How many can work at home and communicate (cheaply) through the Internet.
We will see, thanks to VoIP the outsourcing of jobs like Call Centers from USA to India or wherever it is most convenient.
People in Europe consume Software produced in China, why not in a European rural place?
The Internet will mean outsourcing what can be outsourced, and many people will leave unlivable cities searching a "more human "life in a human friendly environment.
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