Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are you going to get a new car?

Do you need a new or used car?
We are so spoiled now a days, with the Internet, we can do anything we have to, without the need to move from home.
You just click, look for the right website, pay with your credit card and all you have to do is waiting that somebody delivers.
You can really buy everything (also what you do not need, but this is another subject...)
If you need a new or used car, but you haven't decided yet, because you need some help, Autotropolis is the right website.
They not only help you to find the right type for your needs (or your likings) they also tell you where you can find it.
First they suggest you the type and model with the Vehicle Selector Aid, then they tell you what the right price should be.
And I guess they must have very good deals, because they actually encourage you to request a car quote from a local dealership.
They WILL tell you what the TIP (true Internet price) is.
You also have the chance to know everything you want about the car you choose, in the Automotive Community, in the Car Forums, in the Car Price Alert Blogs.
And if you want you can also find the list of the top ten most requested cars.
Last and not unimportant, you can find a Dealership Locator
, integrated with Google Maps. You'll have the list of all the dealerships in the USA, besides rates and reviews on local car dealers.
For the moment the locator is just for new cars.
But you can find dealers with new and also used cars.

Well, if you need a new car, this is really a good chance to easily find what you are looking for at the best price!
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