Wednesday, May 02, 2007

“Best Current Account Provider” award in 2006

A&L were awarded the “Best Current Account Provider” award in 2006.
If you happen to be in the need to open a Bank Account, or just feeling like to change Bank to get more profit out of your savings, this could be the right address.
"Whatever your banking needs, our bank accounts are both flexible and rewarding".
That is what they say and seeing what they give, I wouldn't call it a lie.
Check their Bank Accounts and you can choose:
Premier Direct Current Account
6.50% AER ( not bad...)
Premier Current Account
12% gross p.a/AER on savings ( even better). And with this you can even have a Free annual European travel insurance.
Premier 21
10% AER (fixed until 31.07.08).
No wonder they were awarded the prize.
And of course you can also find good rates for Personal Loans, Secure Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards, Insurance and protection.
You can apply Online, on your nearest branch ( there is of course a branch locator), you can call toll free: 0800 0686069.
You can even make some money recommending a friend for one of their Premier Current Account.

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