Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A step further VOD, fragmentation and so on...

Consumers are fed up with the usual soup. Consumers want to consume something different. Consumers do not want to read 10 articles to find what they want to read.
They want RRS feeds where they find all what they like already served on a silver tray.
Consumers do not want to loose time, they want to arrive at the goal. They want somebody else to provide the goal, so that they will just "consume".

And when the consumer will be fed up of consuming what is already prepared and wants to begin again to cook?
To choose? To be able to select?
When will consumers be again fed up with the more than usual soup? Because the ones who produce that special content will not have enough to supply daily, will have to recook what they served one week ago.
What if the consumers will be tired to read and know everything of nothing?

Welcome the old world of newspaper where you opened a new one everyday, without knowing what you were going to find inside.
Where you could discover that yes, on the contrary of what you believed, you can also be interested in cooking, or in certain sports, or in erotic or, may be of what happens in political life or in your town...
What id suddenly you found out that the news is nothing, what matters is the one who tells it, or writes it.
That everything can be interesting, providing that somebody is able to write it in an interesting way.
That was once called "good journalism" "independent journalism" "real journalism".

May be that is what consumers are looking for.
They are looking for the news that interests them, and ANY NEWS could be, providing that...
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