Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Smile: you got the best

If you are one of those always looking for the best, this credit card is for you.
You can get:
0,5% cashback on every penny you spend with it.
You can also spend Euro and you get 5% cash back the same.
If you have a smile Bank account, you can have 13.9% APR typical/variable, in case you want to spend more than what you can actually afford.
But you must be fast, because on June the first it will be 15.9% APR variable.
And in the case you do not have a smile Bank account you can decide either not to spend or to pay respectively 16.9% APR till the first of June, and after the first of June, it will be 18.9% APR variable.
You can also decide to get a Gold credit card.
That will allow you to pay much less on borrowed money, as low as 9.9% APR typical/variable.
And if you are concerned about security, their Internet Banking Channel is extremely secure, you will be the one to choose your personal smile security code (and you'll be the only one to know it)besides five personal informations that you will choose as well, all of your online transactions will be protected by the leading digital ID certificate issuer, Verisign and their security system is always following the last technological updates.
The proof that they feel so safe is the no risk policy .
That means they will take full responsibility and repay you any money that is taken from your account due to any error by their staff or their system, or a computer crime which is not found and stopped by their security system.

And last: they give the best overall customer service for the third year running!

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