Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Language is the way to a culture.

What about learning Italian?
What about being able to know one of the oldest culture of the World?
What about living in the wonderful and active city of Milano?
What about a full immersion in History?
All this and much more is what the italian courses in Italy will offer.
Italian is not an easy language, and to learn to speak it the correct way (perfection is something it's difficult to find even among Italians)you need good and trained teachers.
This is what you will find in the Accademia di Milano.
All their language courses fit the Common European Framework, the Council of Europe guidelines. The classes are small with an average of six students, to maximize proficiency.
The Accademia di Italiano is one of the best italian language schools in Italy .
So, if you plan to follow italian language courses in Italy you will hardly find a better place.

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