Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The normal medium for human existence

“The system I refer to, of course, is the car-crazy infrastructure for everyday life, and all the activities supporting it, that most Americans now living regard as the natural and normal medium for human existence, as salt water is the natural and normal medium for squid.”

James Kunstler

Nothing new on this earth Mr. Kunstler.
Welcome peak oil if it brings the changes you forecast.
I do not love this type of society, I didn't even like it in the beginning when things were going well for almost all.
Now that they are good just for a few, I like it even less (or dislike it more).
Unhappy motoring is something that highly disturbs me, as much as happy cellphoning, or happy big brothering.

I am getting more and more kind of misanthropist, liking more and more silence and simplicity.
I love more and more sitting in a bus and letting the others drive, taking all the time it takes, never being in a hurry.
In other words: I am getting OLD...
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