Monday, May 21, 2007

Credit Cards Guide

It doesn't look like money, it doesn't smell like money, it doesn't feel like spending money, but it's money.
That is what sometimes people forget. And use them too much, even when they shouldn't.
If it is too easy to get credit, then some people can overdo.
But could we live without credit cards?
Certainly not.

Could it without credit cards?
I do not think so.
More and more our purchases are on the Internet, more and more we cannot live without our credit cards.
But in the meantime we need to make them safer and ourselves more responsible.
So what is the best choice among the huge offers of credit cards?

You can begin reading the Credit Card Guide and, as they say: compare, choose and APPLY.
What to choose?
If you are the type that tends to exceed, because, as I said, a card doesn't look like cash, you can opt for a Prepaid Credit Card.
When the credit is finished, then you realize how much you spent and decide if you want to go on or to stop.
I like this type of card, also because it gives me a certain kind of feeling of safety against thieves.
At least I know they are going to steal just the amount that actually is on it and do not have access to my account.
Or you can prefer a 0% credit cards.
That is good if you are looking for a "free" credit.
At least a temporary "free" credit, that is for an introductory period before the standard apr is applied.
There is something more than just a credit card guide.
You can read interesting articles, for example How To Avoid Paying Those Pesky Credit And Debit Card Fees .
This is something I found very useful. We usually spend and then find out we could have avoided a part of the fees when it is too late.
It pays to know before...
Or may be you are interested in Credit Cards Insurance ?

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