Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What is the "good"?

We need a theory of "the good." Mine is that "more, faster, open internet access is better for everyone." Whether spectrum should be "licensed" at all is a fiercely-contested question. We can’t predict what business sectors will flourish and which will die as a result of this policy, and that’s as it should be. No one is guaranteed a return on their investment in this life. We need a national social policy for internet access that takes the country as a whole and tries to do better for all of us, rather than for the few companies that currently control internet access.
Susan Crawford

That means better infrastructures also in rural areas where the few companies that control the Internet do not have enough revenues for investing.
It is true no one is guaranteed a return on their investment in this life, but the problem is, if you do not have a return then either you do not invest or you go bankruptcy.
Also the social policy now a days is requested to have a return.
Too many debts and too many unproductive investments bring countries to bankruptcy too.

So, the real good is a better, faster Internet, good infrastructures everywhere, but for reaching the goal we have to find out the way to give a return also to investments that look unproductive.
What about e-learning, e-schools, e-commerce?
Better infrastructures would bring more people to live in the country, because would create jobs in places where there is no job.
Developing software can be as productive in the country as in the city, may be even more...
The real "good" can be created thinking of the Future (a few years from now) not the future (tomorrow).
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