Monday, May 28, 2007

Never repent of having eaten too little

Language specialists claim that the five sweetest phrases in English are:
"I love you"
"Dinner is served"
"All is forgiven"
"Sleep until noon"
"Keep the change"
There are those who choose to add:
"You've lost weight".
I am unashamedly one among them.
Those terrible calories!
I am good in mathematics, but I always miss a few.
I count and count and the results are never what I would like...
I even changed the scale, hoping to find a friendler one.
Nothing to do.

If you are like me you can find a good calorie counter in a free website:
And it is really a fitness pal, because there they teach you how to track meals and exercise easily.
I am not so sure about the easily, what I am convinced is that it is the only way to effectively loose weight, as hard as it can look.
There is no magic fat burner, or passive gymnastic, or whatever; believe me it is just that damn free calorie counter that can really make a difference.
You can search what kind of food you'd better like, and yes, you can be sure it is NOT what you like best.
But you can always try to find something which you do not dislike and fits in calorie counting , reaching the number you are going to burn doing some exercise.
There is also a counter for the calories you use, so that, if you overdo, you also know how to fix it...
And remember: Better starve free than be a fat slave.
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