Monday, May 21, 2007

The new Era of Everything

"What it really represents, I say, is not just the further collapse of newspapers’ hold on classifieds but the crumbling of classifieds as a form of advertising itself. The monsters are huddling together for warmth. With better search, we’ll be able to find each other, buyer and seller, without having to go to a centralized marketplace.

It won’t be long before we see classifieds coming up in Google searches. In some ways, we do now. Search for new homes in Tampa and you’ll see ads next to that map. "

Jeff Jarvis

Finally they are beginning to discover the full potential of the Internet, better, they are beginning to use it.
What does social networking really mean?
It means you are there, in this big network, as you probably were yesterday too.
The new fact is that they are beginning to find you, better, they are beginning to find new ways to display you or, if you like they are beginning to discover new ways so that you can easily display yourself, if you want, if you are able to, if you invest what you have to.
And that means money or talent or time.
In this way it is much more democratic than the usual printed way.
There either you had money enough or you were out.
Here you need money or brain.
And sometimes brain is better than money...
I very much like that!
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