Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I love Auctions

I, as many I guess, love to buy good items and paying them the lowest possible price.
Very often an Auction is MY ( and many others') place.
And what about cars?
If you are lucky and live in the Chicago area (or close to it) there has never been a best moment to buy a used car at an auction!
Prices start from $200, and may be the car of your dreams is not a dream anymore.
May be you can find out you can afford it!
So, if you are looking for used cars for sale in Chicago you certainly cannot miss the
Chicago public auto auctions!
In their website you can easily find all the dates of auctions and where and how you can inspect the car of your choice.
If you go on Friday you can also try the vehicles for a driving test.
They have a huge selection including:
Foreign used cars, Domestic used cars, Luxury cars, Cheap used cars, Trucks and SUV's, of course all for auction.
I almost forgot: Your purchase of an auto auction vehicle supports local Chicago land charities!
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