Thursday, May 31, 2007

P2P the new kind of distribution

Hollywood produces the content and P2P is the new kind of distribution.
The kind people like most: the FREE kind.
The more bandwidth and broadband available, the more the distribution changes hands.
But how long will it last?
As long as there is no other way to produce content.
A good alternative is YouTube or YouTubes like.
People begin to take to liking this new way of producing content and we are getting better.
I do not talk of the value, I talk of the quality.
The value of course reflects the cultural level of the audience, but in that they are not so much different from the paid content.
A mass market product cannot be a high level product.
If you have to please the majority, than you have to reflect the needs of the majority.
And people usually do not like education, that is something boring and difficult to understand.
People are lazy and getting lazier every day.
Once our grandmothers cooked for days and today cooking is putting something in the microwave.
Once they did a lot of manual work, now we have a lot of machines working as manuals.
Once they walked and today we drive.
It is not that once they were better, they just had less.
The problem is that with this lack of physical exercise you would expect an increase of brain exercise.
Nothing of that kind.
Lazy in the body, lazy in the spirit.
We have come to the easy and free society.
But one day WE ALL will have to pay the bill.
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