Tuesday, May 08, 2007


While this kind of behavior seems ominous, I'm not claiming it necessarily has predictive value. One can say that the financial markets per se are running in an impressive state of structural distortion and imbalance and that systems way out of balance do not stay that way forever. But I risk more opprobrium by stating the obvious.

James Kunstler

People (and markets, because they are run by people) don't have realized yet the difference of speed (time) of a spoken word and of an event happening.
The Internet Bubble explains it.
The market realized that the Internet was going to be the biggest Revolution of our time.
What it didn't understand was that one thing is the speed of thinking and saying and another is the speed of happening.
The same with peak oil or renewable or alternative energy.
One thing is understanding and talking about it and another is the time needed to make the same thing happening.
It is a reverse bubble.
You say it is, we understand it will, the market waits till when...
That of course doesn't mean that it won't happen, just like the Internet.
What is wrong is the TIMING.
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