Friday, May 18, 2007

They will talk a lot about this in the near future

Today’s announcement that Google is changing its search to integrate video, photos, text, and news with results that used to list just text on web pages is, I think, more significant than it at first seems.

Now you have to figure out how to put some Google helium into your videos and photos and news headlines — all of which can now appear on the blessed search-result page.

And you also have to figure out what people get when they click on those things: where are your brand, your ads, your links? If you distribute your stuff onto more sites out there — if your video becomes a hit on YouTube and on bloggers’ embeds — does that get it higher on Google? What does this do to destination and portal strategies?

Big media people should be reaching for the gin tonight.
Jeff Jarvis

What's the near future of websites and blogs?
If you want to still be there beware: you must have Videos and use YouTube and work a lot more or invest a lot more.
That is the fight going on.
Do you want to be upthere? Well just begin the competiton and let the best win!
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