Monday, May 28, 2007

About Insurances

The good thing about Insurances is that they help you to feel safe and sleep nicely.
The bad thing about Insurances is that once in a while, when you need it, they make you waking up from your dreams.
In a few words, you pay and when THEY have to pay, well it is hard to get your money.
There is always a small print somewhere that of course you didn't see and says, black on white: you are not insured for this and in this or that case...which is ALWAYS YOUR case...
So, what to do to avoid the worst?
First sign only with your eyes wide open (which I never do, because either I am in a hurry, or it is too late, or I haven't got the time, or I just trust that nice guy, why shouldn't I?)second try to choose a good insurance.
Especially when you have to choose a car insurance.
Of course you are looking for a good bargain, but you are also looking for a safe bargain.
It doesn't hurt to have a nice discount, may be 10% or even 15%?
That is what you can have if you insure yourself through Nation
Their motto is: let us search for you.
That is quite OK for me.
I like when they do something boring for me.
You just have to go on their website and carefully read and compare (quotes in less than 4 minutes, from over 300 insurance plans, that is what they call service!) and with NO HURRY, decide and apply.
Easy and fast.
But if you are one of those who love to be informed before doing anything, this is your place.
You can find good and interesting articles , for example: "What is an Insurance?"Or: "Where is the best place to get car Insurance?"(of course their website, but you can read and know why...) Or: "Do you care more about your pet than yourself?" (of course not, but statistics say it differently, may be in England, it really IS NOT the statistic case in Italy...)
You can also find the latest insurance News or joining their mailing list.( it is not bad to be well informed when it comes to money)

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