Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shifting from Search to Subscription

"The data-enabled mobile is and will continue to be at the core of the Live Web. Because the Live Web is about immediacy, there is no other option. Mobiles are two-way devices, enabling us to publish as well as consume, both text and rich media. As wireless data networks become faster and cheaper, use of mobiles for "sensing" the world around us will grow.

If the underlying plumbing for the Reference Web is in the form of HTML documents being pulled by users, then it is RSS being syndicated to users that is at the heart of the Live Web. And this means the primary way we interact with the two Webs will be different, shifting from Search to Subscription."

Rajesh Jain's

I wouldn't shift from Search to Subscription, I would rather use both.
There are moments for Search and moments for Subscription.
I do not want to become a passive consumer of what the others provide me, I want to be able to use my "critical intelligence" to Search and decide what I want to read, after seeing what the others propose.
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