Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Who gets what?

There is nothing like a "free lunch", but there are:

1)1GB ipod Shuffle Blue

2) Set of Four Bombay Amber Flutes

3) $20 target Gift Card

4) LG 125 STI Mobile Color Flip Phone

5) Lemony Snicket's

6) Scarlett Goblets

If you want to be the lucky one who gets the one you like (I wouldn't mind too much for the scarlett Goblets, but wouldn't dislike the ipod or the flip phone...) you just have to join the contest or pick the neediest contestant: "the struggling college student? The person who made you laugh? Or someone for no reason at all? We'll see but however it goes, YOU are in control". Anyone can enter and win.
If you are selected to be one of the seven finalists, you just need to tell why you should win, and watch what happens.
Very often nothing happens, but who knows? You might be the lucky one.
At least dreaming costs nothing...and on this website you can give your dreams some kind of help...
Well, what can I say? I will give it a try, you never know...

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