Thursday, May 17, 2007

What a web page should look like

What should a webpage look like?
I hate flash since the early days in which it appeared on the Internet.
Those were the days when most people had lousy connections and the ADSL was something belonging to the future.
Now the ADSL is something widespread (in the big cities) and broadband a word whose meaning everybody knows, and flash is something most webmasters have abandoned, at least for the "useful" websites, the sites where you go to look and buy something.
I like websites that follow a certain pattern: the pattern I am used to.
It makes it easier to find at once what I am looking for.
And this is something too many webmasters ignore.
People like easy and fast and usual websites.
People dislike waiting and having to look for and search for and ask for.
People are getting lazy because they are spoiled, and they are spoiled because sellers want to sell and one of the ways to easily sell is pleasing the buyer.
As simple as that.
You're busy trying to sell a service or a product or an idea to lazy people in a hurry.
Lazy as in not willing to read the instructions, follow the manual, do all the steps, invest the time in the research. Lazy as in willing to buy the first choice that's 'good enough' as opposed to finding the best choice.
Lazy, in a hurry, and in search of better are often contradictory ideas. Doesn't matter. We don't have to like it, we just have to acknowledge it.
So, what kind of miracle do the customers expect from a webmaster?
That he makes a website where you can search in a hurry and find the best.
So, they do not want flash, they do not like too many pictures or too many choices.
They like few clear buttons and a clear presentation.
This is what we have.
This is what it costs and this is where you can buy and pay and this is when you will receive it.
Do you need something special?
Well, there is a search window (and the search window is usually on the top of the page), just write what you are looking for and I will bring you there.

The colors must be nice and not disturbing.
Blue or beige or pale gray and the written words in black or dark grey, on a white backgroung please, so that my eyes will read it in an easier way...
PMC Telecom has just redisigned their website where they list BT Phones.
I guess it reflects what I am talking about.
First: the page is not too crowded.
Second: It is easy to navigate and displays all the informations a customer is looking for, in a fast and clear way.
Third: the search window is where I expect it to be, as the menu on the left.
I immeditely know what they have and I do not have to read for hours about things I am not interested in.
Fourth: there are all the required informations, including how to pay...
There is even a free telephone number on the Top.

Of course in every market, there's a subset of geeks and nerds that are neither lazy nor in a hurry. Well this website is ALSO for them.

Yes this is a sponsored post , but I really mean what I said.
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