Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Internet Neutrality

"Despite the urge to hold providers accountable for such activities, the ISP community has been remarkably
successful in maintaining a position of neutrality, the digital successor, in spirit and often in fact, to
the common carrier phone company.

Adopting this approach has required strict adherence to a cardinal rule often referred to as "network
neutrality." This principle holds that ISPs transport bits of data without discrimination, preference, or
regard for content.

The network neutrality principle has served ISPs, internet firms and internet users well. It has enabled
ISPs to plausibly argue that they function much like common carriers and therefore should be exempt from
liability for the content that passes through their systems."

The neutrality was more a way to get more customers than a way of seeing the Internet.
And now, when the customers are there and they contributed to make the Internet a global power as it is, they see the convenience in discriminating the users in base of the use they do of the broadband lines.
But they easily forget that the number makes the revenue and if the customer won't find the content he is looking for, the Internet will stop to have the appeal it has now, including the cheap calls.
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