Monday, May 28, 2007

Wi-FI, Wi not?

Content, content, content.

This is the heart, the brain, the blood and the Internet is the vessels.

Without blood there is no need for veins, without veins there is no humanity, without humanity the world would be different (I still have doubts if better, but this is my humble opinion).

Narrow vessels mean bad circulation as much as narrowband Internet means narrowband future.

Broadband will allow better communications, better downloading, faster streaming and spreading of content.
The next need is broadband at low cost.

DSL doesn't allow more than a certain limit, Fiber Optic is getting too expensive, especially in rural or semi rural zones.
Wi-FI is the natural evolution of the actual technology and the actual way of living.
Without considering the ubiquity of Wi-Fi that by itself would relegate to oblivion the wired world.

Wasn't the portable phone the biggest success by far?
I do not want to enter in discussion if it was a good thing or not, also that could be my humble opinion.
The fact is that it was a winner and Wi-Fi is its natural follower.
You need more, the telephone line cannot deliver, let's look for something else.

Wi-Fi, Wi not?
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